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Bonkers Blog January 2013

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22 January (Part 1) - What’s in it for me?

Sitting on the fenceSo the police said they weren’t going to talk to me any more but I threw in a final email anyway. That was last Saturday morning. Friday’s email was answered in 79 minutes but obviously that wasn’t going to happen again.

It took almost four and a half hours but in came an email flagged Urgent. It was from Chief Superintendent Victor Olisa - on a Saturday too - and copied to every officer in the line of command right down to the Detective Sergeant. And to my inestimable MP, Elwyn’s having apparently lost interest.

What did he want? A meeting apparently. I might have been more impressed if he hadn’t refused Elwyn Bryant’s request back in November and ignored mine altogether. Since then he may have come to realise the extent of the documentary evidence against his officers. Not to mention Tuckley and co.

Writing to a third party about the obscene blog only four weeks ago, he said, “you will be aware that the matter has been investigated expeditiously” and “the investigation into the allegations by Mr. Bryant and Mr. Knight have been carried out with vigour and speed”. Just who does the Chief Superintendent think he is kidding? Two months should have been sufficient to solve a simple internet crime, not nearly two years to bury it. When police decided, wrongly as it happens, that the boot was on the other foot, John Kerlen found himself in the cells and charged in a matter of days.

One of the officers recently involved in the Craske affair and a fellow recipient of the Borough Commander’s email to me stood in the witness box against John Kerlen. I wouldn’t go as far as saying he perjured himself, probably John would disagree with me, but he certainly stood idly by while councillor Melvin Seymour spewed out a string of untruths. Not just matters of opinion, but statements totally contrary to what was recorded by both police (including source documents) and councillor Sandra Bauer, the other witness. The intention was to unjustly convict John Kerlen. The Acting DI did not do a damn thing about it. Presumably they now expect to be able to sweet talk me out of dumping the whole tawdry Craske related story on the Met. Commissioner’s desk.

Last time I was in the (previous) Borough Commander’s office he said I was to trust him and stupidly I fell for it. Never again. There is no trust left.

I’m not sure I would be rude enough to simply say “stuff your meeting” but no police officer is likely to hand over the case file for inspection and they are not going to reopen the investigation; so can someone tell me exactly what the point is? And sticking the names of two council liars in my file of evidence is an incredibly tempting prospect.

In case you think Elwyn is leaving all the work to me, he has been chasing the Crown Prosecution Service. Under their rules, victims of a hate crime that goes down the pan are entitled to a meeting with them to have the whole thing explained in great detail. Elwyn has made some progress. I can imagine all concerned getting in a huddle to get their stories straight even now.


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