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Bonkers Blog January 2013

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21 January (Part 1) - Cat among the pigeons

Toys out of pramFriday’s email to the police didn’t go down too well. All I believed I was doing was to place on record the fact that I am going to send an allegation of crime to Scotland Yard naming eight or nine police officers and a couple of council liars who appear to have spent the past 20 months perverting the course of justice. I have some good documentary evidence and I see no point in wasting it. The police must be made to realise that protecting corrupt councillors and officials is not what they are there for.

I think it is fair to say that the police are more than usually upset about my plans because fewer than 80 minutes later I received a response denying that councillor Peter Craske had been named as the suspect during their last phone call. Obviously I am now going to buy the recording attachment for my phone but what was said then doesn’t really matter, Craske was identified earlier and I have several correspondence items naming him.

The police additionally refused point blank to give me any information about their failed investigation and as if to reinforce their intention to continue with the cover up said in a second email addressed to both Mr. Bryant and me, “I cannot and will not be responding to any further emails from yourselves”. So that is what ‘supporting victims’ means. Another one for Hogan-Howe’s desk.

After a period of reflection I sent another email anyway.


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