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Bonkers Blog January 2013

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20 January (Part 3) - What did you do in the war Daddy?

Vulcan at Farnborough Vulcan at DuxfordOff topic alarm!

The last time I quoted Hugh Neal‘s Erith based Arthur Pewty blog we had Teresa O’Neill and her cohorts on the warpath and me threatened with arrest because of his Flaming Torches and Pitchforks metaphor.

The police idiotically believed that I was planning a march on her HQ and it took the IPCC and probably several thousands of pounds of public money for sense to prevail.

Hugh was left on the sidelines untouched by the law and very possibly laughing heartily at the woman’s stupidity. My weapon of choice would not be a pitchfork, I might advocate a Vulcan bomber. Having grown up in Farnborough, Hampshire and seen Vulcans roll and literally blow me off my feet when switching on reheat 100 feet above my head it was always my favourite V bomber.

Hugh was talking about the Vulcan in his blog last week and we exchanged a couple of emails about the old warhorse. Now he has gone and splashed my words all across his blog. I didn’t ever regard my involvement with the Vulcan’s first action role (the Falkands raid) as very important but I suppose it is just possible I prevented it being shot down. Probably not but I wasn’t going to take any chances.

Hugh’s blog is always worth a read and if you go there this week you will see what I am going on about.

Note 1: Of course Hugh asked for and obtained my permission to publish my email to him.
Note 2: Yeah I know that neither a Rolls Royce Avon or the later Sapphires would blow me off my feet at 100 feet or so, but the Olympus engined ‘Concorde’ test bed could. My father was responsible for the Olympus test development programme, but that is another story and definitely well off topic. Tomorrow things get back on course with yet more failed Craske investigation developments.


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