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Bonkers Blog January 2013

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20 January (Part 2) - It must be in the genes

Five live investigatesI am going seriously off topic today, now and in Part 3 later. Some of you will know that my daughter is a producer at BBC Radio 4, she specialises in investigative current affairs, looking into malpractice in all walks of life. When I see the BBC looking in on Bonkers daily I am always inclined to think that some of it is her.

Right now as I write, one of her programmes is going out on Radio 5 Live - their serious stuff is done by Radio 4 staff - and she is exposing malpractice among the police again. She knows all about that as she has spent the past twenty odd years looking into the Daniel Morgan business, the private investigator who was on the brink of exposing police corruption and got an axe through his skull for his pains. Maybe I should buy a hard hat.

Last night when I spoke to her she was in a bit of a panic because her principal witness appeared to have done a runner but overnight she found him and he has been on air live this morning telling how the police encouraged him to make up false allegations of sex abuse against care home workers and the like. He is supported by lawyers and people falsely accused as a result of such allegations. This was back in the 1990s and we are assured that the police don’t do that sort of thing any more.

They would say that wouldn’t they?

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