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Bonkers Blog January 2013

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20 January (Part 1) - I have a dream

Not really, I’m never sure where this blog is going next. It depends on the material sent in by readers and for the most part has done so ever since I started it in 2009 when Bexley council lied to me and thought they could get away with it. It turned out it was the norm and not the exception or Bonkers would have petered out long ago.

Old family photoI do occasionally think of what good the site might be doing and optimistically wonder if its presence will ever persuade the bad councillors to do a better job because they can never be certain whether or not news of their activities might get a wider circulation than they bargained for.

I’ve not worked an allotment since helping on my father’s in nineteen fifty dot and thanks to this blog I now rarely have time to dig in my own garden but growing your own spuds is apparently more popular than ever. More than 100 people are awaiting an allocation to one of Bexley’s - I hope I have added them up correctly - 36 sites. Most plot holders are content to go and tend it when they can and go home again but as with all ‘hobbies’ some like to form clubs with committees and take their activities to a higher level. Bexley council doesn’t provide even basic requirements on its allotments and the enthusiasts want to provide toilets and pay for their own water supplies etc. Bexley council apparently recognises this as a good idea.

This is what our esteemed leader said on 25th July 2012. A trifle dismissive perhaps but otherwise unremarkable.

Letter from council leader
But when pressed further on what might be done to raise awareness of self-management, only a week later Teresa had had enough…
Letter from council leader
Such correspondence might not be welcome on your doormat but there is always a place for it here.


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