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Bonkers Blog January 2013

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19 January (Part 2) - It takes all sorts but Bexley is just take take take

Two of last week’s emails were rather unusual. One was from someone who wanted to see a Controlled Parking Zone outside his home and the other was from a phone parking enthusiast. Bank statement
The phone parker however is no longer as happy as he used to be, the CPZ man is not happy at all. The phone aficionado has been used to paying his 50 pence a half hour plus Peter Craske’s unwelcome ten pence per transaction surcharge. People have been paying £1.10 an hour throughout the phone parking area. Suddenly my correspondent’s favourite spot has gone up to £1.30. A cunning ploy, it’s barely worth complaining, but the extra money trickles in nicely.

Is it 2 x 50 pence + 30 pence or 2 x 60 pence + 10 pence? You tell me. This is what Bexley council’s website is saying this morning.
Bexley council website
Why is it that Bexley is the only council in London that hasn’t got a link to ‘Parking Services’ on the front page of its website?


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