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Bonkers Blog January 2013

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19 January (Part 1) - Home from home

Police at Civic Centre Police at Civic CentreI don’t know about you but after yesterday’s exchanges with the police - I’ll stick another email on line on Monday - I feel I need to get back to the old routine of relative trivia at the weekend.

Fortunately among the emails that arrived yesterday expressing various degrees of disgust at our local police force were more tongue in cheek ones, you’ll get the idea from the photographs.

This car may or may not have been parked on the pavement outside the Civic Centre for a full 24 hours until yesterday evening - note the snow - and may or may not have been attracted by criminal activity. Maybe they had just dropped in on their friends for a cup of tea.

Those of you who are very alert to these things will know that the road outside the Civic Centre is currently closed to plebs due to the so-called Broadway Regeneration.


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