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Bonkers Blog January 2013

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11 January (Part 3) - Councillors living in fear of their lives

Teresa O’NeillMaxine FothergillKatie PerriorA reader urged me to check the recent changes to the Register of Members’ Interests and he was right to do so.

Three more councillors have used the Localism Act which the gullible Eric Pickles believed would make local democracy more transparent, to hide their home addresses.

Their names are Teresa Jude O’Neill, Maxine Fothergill and Katie Perrior.

The addresses that have disappeared from view are (O’Neill) 39 Brunswick Road, Bexleyheath, DA6 8EL; (Fothergill) 51 Mayplace Road, Crayford, DA1 4PQ; and 74 Sidcup Hill, Sidcup, DA14 6HY and 14 Hillingdon Road, Barnehurst, DA7 6LW. Both Katie Perrior. A third address for Ms. Perrior is still shown. Pretty good going for someone who wrote to a local paper pleading poverty.

The rotating carousel will be updated as soon as possible. The addresses of public people may be afforded privacy when the same public people stop publishing the addresses of private people on their website.

No Labour councillor refuses to put his/her address in the Register. One even puts it on her Contact page and has survived unmolested by enraged voters.


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