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Bonkers Blog January 2013

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11 January (Part 2) - Notomob reborn

NotomobI’ve not found time to watch the BBC programme Parking Mad yet but I recorded it and it is on i-Player until next Monday. The reviews were universally excellent and best of all, the Notomob forum is once again alive with enthusiastic members, most of them new and attracted by the welcome BBC publicity.

Why Notomob ever had the internal squabble with its most high profile member Nigel Wise beats me. All he did was criticise a PATAS Adjudicator. Adjudicators might not be the principle target for parking protestors but they are bound to be caught up in the crossfire occasionally.

After I asked council yes man Kevin Fox to give me an honest answer for once in his life, Mick Barnbrook didn’t cut me off from his stream of FOI requests for having a go at a council officer instead of useless councillors who are the real objective. He put himself in the firing line and it’s collateral damage. It’s occasionally inevitable.

The Powers Than Be in Notomob didn’t see things that way, but events move on and it would be good to see Notomob active more often wherever they choose to assist the authorities uphold the law.

The Notomob contact details may be found on the Contact menu above. Click image for larger version.


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