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Bonkers Blog January 2013

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11 January (Part 1) - Call 999. End up in the cells

My special delivery letter to the Independent Complaints Commission was signed in during something like the 18th hour of their offices being open after the new year break. Its reference number was in the 400 range. There must be an awful lot of discontent with the police. The IPCC’s letter of acknowledgement tells me it is likely to be allocated to a case worker 26 weeks from now. By the time it is investigated most of the useless policemen mentioned will have retired on generous pensions.

However there appears to be an endless supply of useless policemen.

Until recently there was a drug addicted, fare dodging, shop lifting, death threatening, alcohol fuelled, girlfriend stabbing con man living close to me. Best avoided as you might imagine but not so easy in practice because he knocked on doors at all hours of the day and night demanding money or food items. Most people were able to get rid of him either by giving in or giving him some ‘verbal’. But that isn’t everybody’s style.

One old fellow was scared of him. He is frail and disabled, he cannot walk far or stand up for very long and his house is owned by one of Bexley council’s social housing contractors based at Bexley council’s Thames Innovation Centre. He just about gets around bent over a stick. An easy target for an aggressive drug addict.

When I went to see how the old man was getting on just before Christmas his door was swinging open because the local ‘madman’ had kicked it in when his victim didn’t open it quickly enough.“Did you call the police?” I asked. “Lots of times, but they won’t do anything” he said. He called them so many times (ten he said) that they did eventually do something. They arrested the old fellow for wasting their time, took him away and slung him in the cells. I understand he is due in Bexley Magistrates Court the week after next.

The old man believes, though I haven’t a shred of evidence that it might be true, that the drug addicted door destroyer is an ex-policeman drummed out of the force for some reason. It sounds plausible but I have serious doubts it is true. It would be typical police behaviour though. No wonder the IPCC is getting 200 letters of complaint a day.

Note: Most of the offences listed are known because the perpetrator was careless with his paper recycling. i.e. He left it in the street for anyone to read.


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