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Bonkers Blog January 2013

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10 January (Part 2) - They are all in it together

It’s old news first reported here in May 2011 but Bexleyheath has a shopping manager.

I have no problem with that, the shops there need all the help they can get, what with Bexley council imposing draconian 24/7 restrictions on motorists and setting Parking Zone traps for the unwary. I’m not so sure that he should get a Bexley council address and a reputed £250,000 a year budget to run the show much of which appears to go on salaries.

However what raises the eyebrows a little is that Ian Payne, the manager, is a prominent member of the Tory party whose loyalties lie elsewhere.

Ian Payne is Deputy Mayor of Bromley.
Ian PayneI suspect the Jan Payne shown as the Contact name for Bexleyheath Business Improvement District is an error. But you can’t be sure in Bexley, it could be a wife or daughter. Stranger things have happened.

Where else do you get a Director and his Deputy being a married couple and 20% of councillors being married couples (civil partnerships unknown)?

The Head of Human Resources is Nick Hollier and the Highways Manager is Jo Hollier. Who looks after her personnel files?

For councillors and the senior staff the council is a nice little earner.


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