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Bonkers Blog January 2013

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8 January - Matters arising

There were some comments about yesterday’s revelation that the police, Bexley council and the CPS have been conniving in secret to ’fix’ the Peter Craske affair. A few were unable to find the email that gave the game away. Partially my fault because I said, click the image, by which I meant the Police Mission Statement immediately below. Later I added the picture of Bexley council leader Teresa O’Neill cosying up to the Police and Crime Commissioner, Boris Johnson, and clicking that did nothing. It does now, click on either image to see Tony Gowen arranging to meet Bexley Chief Executive Will Tuckley who has no more legitimate interest in the subject than for example, the News Shopper editor or Craske’s employer, The Association of British Bookmakers.

By finding that email I seem to have thrown a spanner into the works for the current police investigating team. I was first told that the case would be wrapped up by Christmas, then by New Year and then before the end of last week. A few days ago I made it clear to them that their dirty dealings had become public and maybe that is why I have still heard nothing from them.

Another message from someone with experience of the workings of the Crown Prosecution Service told me “The CPS do not log cases by their own self-allocated case numbers, but by unique reference numbers that are set by the Police at the point at which suspects become formally investigated”.

That doesn’t line up with what DI Steve Underwood wrote on 18th October…

Sent: 18 October 2012 12:24
Subject: Hate Crime Cris 3906909/11

Mr. Bryant,
I appreciate your frustration however I anticipate that the examination of the items will be concluded soon.
The investigation will not receive a CPS case number until the point that the CPS advice is actually sought.
Until then the crime reference number is the only number used.
I will ensure that the officer in the case informs you of the case number as soon as one is obtained.
Thank you.

Steve Underwood

Stephen Underwood | Detective Inspector | Violent and Serious Crime Unit | Bexley Borough

The CPS case number is still unknown. Maybe we have another police fib to contemplate. Can anyone confirm the procedure with CPS reference numbers?


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