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Bonkers Blog January 2013

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7 January (Part 1) - Site changes

There have been a number of site revisions over the weekend - nothing major but…

• The Obscene Blog Timeline has been updated with the most recent developments. Look out for the items headlined in Blue and Pink.

And a couple of things which most readers can safely ignore.

• The blog index pages have been sub-indexed to give quicker access to individual months. This is of no importance for 2013 which has barely started but a look at the 2012 Index may illustrate the general idea. If it doesn’t suit you, don’t use it.
• A few pages may benefit from a dedicated Back Button to return to the previous page. Not a lot of use if you are in the habit of using the browser’s Back Button but it is bigger and possibly more accessible. Few pages can benefit from it because the code allows only a return to the top of a page and not to a specified paragraph. Here is an example to try.
• An additional image display tool has been introduced which will be used where possible and where appropriate. For an example click on the Knee hill photo below.


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