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Bonkers Blog January 2013

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5 January (Part 2) - ASDA Belvedere

A month ago I pondered the idea of answering some of the more interesting search questions that bring people to this blog. I mentioned a few on 7th December. Today I’ll answer another that is asked several times each week. “When is Belvedere ADSA due to open?”

Maybe not an answer as such because I don’t know but this photo taken yesterday may give a clue. Had the original plan been approved the store was planned to open in 2012 so clearly it is expected that the building stage won’t take long but presumably that will require more than just the two men seen below.
ASDA Belvedere
Picardy Road junction
The plan included revision of the access roads at the developer’s expense and this work is close to completion. The central reservation has been extended to further discourage U-turns. I had expected something rather more imaginative. If traffic should queue from the East (right) expect chaos at the roundabout (situated immediately behind the parked cars on the far right).
Lower Road
The planning documents reveal that at peak times the Picardy Road/Lower Road junction will be close to capacity. Click for report on the planning approval.

I think I shall boycott ASDA. I pre-ordered a DVD box set from them two months ago. They took my money immediately which no reputable supplier does. Then a couple of weeks ago they unilaterally cancelled the order saying their supplier couldn’t supply it. Not surprising, the disc isn’t yet released. Then I discovered that ASDA doesn’t allow email communication in contravention of all the good practice recommendations for on line retailers and their phone staff are incapable of doing anything but reading from a script. They had no concept of what pre-ordering a DVD meant. Never again will ASDA get any money from me.


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