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Bonkers Blog January 2013

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5 January (Part 1) - Steve ‘n’ thievin’

Steven HallUmut NidaiI should probably give up on bad puns and maybe shouldn’t picture councillor Steven Hall alongside a mugshot of Umut Nidai either because Steven is a pleasant sort of guy who I would put money on being as straight as a die and Umut Nidai almost certainly is neither of those things. Nevertheless the two are linked in a rather unfortunate way.

Steven Hall was chairman of the Youth Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour Committee and presented his report last October. He proudly announced that no Bexley resident had been convicted of rioting in August 2011. He was right then but sadly no longer. Umut Nidai has trashed the borough’s unblemished reputation by being convicted of nicking stuff from Richer Sounds in Bromley.

How come he got a suspended sentence for pinching AV gear when a couple of chaps from Manchester were given four years for exchanging Facebook messages about the riot?

Nidai’s house in Lewin Road probably isn’t public housing which is just as well or councillor Katie Perrior would have him thrown on the streets.


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