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Bonkers Blog January 2013

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3 January - Newsreel

The number of site visitors over the holiday was disappointing from a purely numerical standpoint but then unlike Christmas 2011 I took most days off due to family commitments and most readers will have been doing the same. However yesterday made up for it as people got back to work.

2,143 people looked (counting those who returned for another look) at the blog about police corruption in Bexley and 444 of them clicked through to the whole story. It’s hard to get away from what seems to be rather more than incompetence. Tomorrow is the last day for posting a complaint to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) about the Metropolitan Police’s Directorate of Professional Standards’ (DPS) six month long enquiry into Bexleyheath’s police initial (June to August 2011) failure to investigate Bexley council’s obscene blog.

Apparently no one slipped up in drawing a blank in spite of the fact that the second investigation located the blog source within weeks. No one was at fault for dismissing the crime report as tit for tat over the harassment issue. According to the DPS I was still under investigation (in July 2011) for the ‘Pitchforks and Flaming Torches’ comment, with the implication I was a bad ‘un up to no good. That's hard to believe as a subsequent IPCC enquiry revealed that Bexley police had realised that no crime had been committed before they issued the harassment warning in April 2011. They issued it only because Bexley council was on their back. The IPCC went on to pronounce the harassment warning totally void. The DPS response faced both ways by using it as an excuse whilst acknowledging the truth of the matter.

It was a difficult letter to write as the case has become so horrendously complex but I managed to avoid use of the word whitewash. It went off in this afternoon’s post. Special Delivery.

In other news
The fitments were removed from Cafe Blanco a few hours after Tuesday’s photographs were taken. Local residents reported the cafe appeared to be well patronised but nothing ever seems to be straight forward about any Campbell related business. Where will they pop up next?

Knee HillKnee Hill was illuminated again last night after it spent Christmas in the dark. I imagine it is expensive to keep street lights on given the exorbitant cost of electricity but it makes Knee Hill, shrouded as it is under a canopy of trees, so much easier to navigate. More than half the lights are on the Greenwich side anyway. Click image for larger view.

Bexleyheath police in the form of a new and communicative Detective Sergeant emailed yesterday about the blog which someone sent up councillor Craske’s phone line. “I am hopeful I will have a result for you this week at some point.” Whether it will be what I would call a result or one engineered by politicians remains to be seen.

This site’s Home page has been updated to include recent police revelations. The old one which speculated about possible political interference may be seen here and the new one which confirms it has been archived here. Another change covers the tracking of the obscene blog to a certain address in Sidcup - as everyone suspected.


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