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Bonkers Blog January 2013

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1 January (Part 2) - Done a runner

Cafe BlancoCafe Blanco interiorToday is much like New Year’s Day 2012. The main east/west cross borough route is still in turmoil for one reason or another and true to form Clan Campbell appears to have moved on from another dodgy business.

Last year holiday makers at a villa on Tenerife were complaining that their deposits had gone missing and Bexley Barbers, the Black Horse pub in Bean and The Plough in Northfleet all came under the same malign influences to varying degrees. The Black Horse Inn in Sidcup had a narrow escape.

In Bexley village the cab company is still in business without planning permission but the cafe which was provided with a free advert courtesy of a News Shopper Star Letter written by a wannabe councillor and where two young girls had so much difficulty in getting paid seems to have gone. There has been no sign of life for the past three weeks and the interior lies almost derelict. Good riddance some might say but never forget that it is the Godfather of Clan Campbell who is Mr. Moneybags at Bexley council.

Councillor Colin Campbell is deputy council leader and it is he who always delivers any cabinet report on finance. Worrying when you consider the ethics applied to other family ventures. But perhaps good news is around the corner. He has sold his house. Will Campbell decamp too?


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