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Bonkers Blog January 2013

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1 January (Part 1) - Highway robbery

Restricted Parking ZoneBroadway robberyIn the 52 years since British motorists were first confronted by double yellow lines we have all learned the rule of thumb. Double yellow - go away. Single yellow - look for the restriction notices. No lines - you’re OK.

But not in Bexley any more, the council has set a trap. If you see a parking space in Bexleyheath Broadway and think your luck is in - go to Bluewater instead, it’s cheaper.

Soon the Broadway shops will be empty anyway if this incident with a delivery lorry is anything to go by. No loading is allowed. Note the blue clad gestapo man sticking a ticket on the windscreen while the unsuspecting driver tries to earn a living.

After yesterday’s Bonkers Man of the Year award I received a complaint that it should have gone to the loons who plan Bexley’s roads. It’s a good point, they tend to hog the limelight almost every week.


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