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Bonkers Blog February 2013

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28 February (Part 1) - Bexley council. Uniquely secretive and dishonest

“Councils. They are all the same.” I hear that quite often but is it really true? I suspect wanton waste and incompetence is quite widespread. Persecuting motorists may be universal but you have to go a long way to find another council as secretive and criminally inclined as Teresa O’Neill’s Bexley.

Council contact listBexley and Carmarthen councils appear to be alone in having residents touting cameras arrested but the Welsh authority has recently relented and announced it intends to webcast meetings. None, other than Bexley, is on record as making false statements to the police hoping to give residents criminal records for “criticising councillors” or to prevent shop keepers from reminding customers about parking restrictions outside their premises.

Perhaps Bexley council would welcome some guidance on how democracy is supposed to work and if it does it could learn from a near neighbour. Bexley has more councillors hiding their contact details from the public than the rest of London put together but in Medway their magazine lists every councillor’s home address and in most cases their email and telephone details too. Maybe there are no crooks on Medway council who need protection.

In Bexley they don’t even let you see what rules the council claims to operate under let alone members’ home phone numbers. Just look what you get instead of the Constitution if you search their website. Why is the old one withdrawn before a revision is available to the public?

Bexley council constitution

Note: Click blue image to view all Medway councillors’ addresses. Medway announces its public meetings in their residents’ magazine too.
With thanks to more than one reader for contribution to today’s blog; especially the one who posted a large document to my home address.


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