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Bonkers Blog February 2013

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19 February - Conspiring to get Peter Craske off the hook

Do you remember this?
CI Tony Gowen to Will Tuckley
It’s part of the email that the then Acting Deputy Borough Police Commander, Tony Gowen, sent to council leader Will Tuckley last August seeking to “resolve” the Craske situation. The police investigation was nothing to do with Bexley council it having pleaded innocence at the outset and subsequently found to be so. There is only one reason for the police to be in discussion with Bexley council about suspect Peter Craske and I think we all know what that is.

I now know when that meeting took place. 13th September 2012, just a couple of days after the police officer who met Tuckley was trying to convince me (by email and telephone) that he was an honorable man doing his level best to bring councillor Peter Craske to justice.

I didn’t believe him then and I do not believe him now. Both he and his boss have since been transferred from that hot bed of corruption which is Bexleyheath police station. The Timeline has been updated.

Victor Olisa has still not acknowledged my acceptance of his invitation to meet him and the Crown Prosecution Service is now reluctant to further discuss their decision that councillor Peter Craske should be charged with a criminal offence.


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