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Bonkers Blog February 2013

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14 February (Part 1) - Welcome to Bexleyheath

Bexleyheath regeneration Bexleyheath regeneration Bexleyheath regenerationA month into the Bexleyheath Broadway regeneration and on a gloomy February day fewer than a dozen men are to be seen tinkering with paving blocks and wet cement.

Meanwhile traffic heading West is badly snarled up and pedestrians squeeze along what is left of the foot path. At least there is no room for any unwary motorist to park where there are no longer any yellow lines.

Yesterday’s News Shopper carried two readers’ letters relating to the Broadway regeneration and the parking problems it has caused. One from Gareth Bacon, cabinet member for Public Realm, was apologetic and sensible, quite unlike councillor Peter Craske’s message the week before; the other was labelled STAR LETTER. I think the editor really means STIR LETTER because he has a habit of choosing submissions easily ridiculed. It’s probably a sensible tactic designed to keep things lively.

This time we have a David Heap criticising a mother for driving to the shops. “Go by public transport, this is what it is for”, this petty dictator says. I always use my Freedom Card when I can but it takes three to four times as long to cross the borough as it does using a car and if I drove the mile or so from the mother’s home off Pickford Lane to Broadway and back it would cost, including an hour’s parking fee, less than half the return bus fare. Nobody has the right to dictate how others choose to travel and how does this Heap fellow know what the mother wanted to buy? When I bought a curtain rod I was denied bus travel because the driver deemed me to be a health hazard.


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