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Bonkers Blog February 2013

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12 February (Part 1) - Teresa O’Neill refused to slim down. Bromley council follows suit

News Shopper reportUnder a picture of the Controller herself the front page of the News Shopper dated 27th October 2010 carried news of the soon to be imposed council budget cuts. Among them was the suggestion that the number of Bexley councillors be reduced which would save around a third of a million pounds a year. Would anyone miss them? I shall spare their blushes but there are a couple who have never uttered a word at any meeting I have attended. But it is all academic anyway, after floating the idea for the benefit of a newspaper, council leader Teresa O’Neill never mentioned cutting councillor numbers again, not even at the ‘cuts meeting’ in early November 2010.

Cuts are for the little people and the wriggle room O’Neill referred to was sufficient to ensure that none fell on herself or her grateful cronies.

In neighbouring Bromley they were not so quick to wriggle away from cutting their own numbers. They pretended to be getting on with the job but last week announced they had left the idea too long for it to be implemented in time for next year’s elections. Oh, how very convenient.


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