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Bonkers Blog February 2013

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10 February (Part 2) - Gareth Bacon’s grand plan. Bridges and phones both go down the tube

Gareth BaconHow many forms of publicly supported transport do we have in this neck of the woods? Buses, trains, Underground, Overground, ferries, river boats, bridges, tunnels, Light Railway, Crossrail, trams, cable cars? London has them all. Bexley has just two and a council that does it best to deprive us of more. But don’t run away with the idea that Bexley councillors are stuck in the Dark Ages and none looks to the future. We have one, at least, with a foot in both camps, a finger in every pie, a snout in every trough.

Fewer than two weeks ago councillor Gareth Bacon was seen telling mayor Boris Johnson how Bexley residents must not be given access to something that might improve their job prospects and now he is proclaiming that the rest of London must be allowed to join the technology rat race or suffer the consequences. He wants mobile telephone coverage to be extended (PDF download) to the London Underground and he is dead right. London cannot afford to be left behind in the field of communications any more than Bexley can afford to be the only borough with no Underground, no DLR, no Crossrail, no bridges etc.

Mobile phoneI gave up on mobile phones after carrying one like this up until about 1988 and have been a bit of a Luddite about them ever since; regarding them as a mixed blessing. However I was glad of the entertainment during a recent train journey from Greenwich to Abbey Wood provided by a loud and foul mouthed young woman carrying a two year old child. Mother was screaming down the line at its father. How he seduced her, impregnated her, beat her, deserted her and now wanted to make amends for his sins. No way! She hoped his wotsit would rot and drop off. She had changed her address and he wasn’t to try to contact her again - ever! All liberally peppered with expletives. Let’s hope she never has reason to ask Bexley council a question.


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