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Bonkers Blog February 2013

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6 February - Another Bexley council business venture founders. Top pay is essential to attract the best brains

The vanished council report on the financial disaster unfolding at the Bexley Heritage Trust has resurfaced and may currently be inspected on line again. (Click for PDF.) It allows yesterday’s blog based on the Trust’s accounts to be balanced by Bexley council’s view on the affair.

The Trust is essentially part of Bexley council…
Council report
…so ultimately Bexley council is responsible for it. Like the Thames Innovation Centre it makes insufficient money and requires massive loans. More than five times as much as the TIC.
Council report
There is no way the Bexley Heritage Trust can pay. Fundamentally it is broke. The Heritage Trust admitted it couldn’t fulfill its agreement with Bexley council…
Council report
…and Bexley council rolled over.
Council report
The loan repayments remain suspended. The council tax payer foots the bill.
Council report
Who is responsible for not foreseeing the pear shaped obstacle on the horizon? That well known quarter of a million pound family money sucking machine, Mr. & Mrs. Peter Ellershaw. Mrs. being better known to council staff as Antonia Ainge.
Council report
Two heads do not appear to be better than one in the decision making department of Bexley council but they don’t do so badly when it comes to pocketing the taxpayers’ cash. Do you remember what the leader of the council said to the press when justifying almost the highest local authority pay rates in Britain?
Pay statement

Don MasseyIronically the cabinet member who is overseeing this massive cockup is the same one who kyboshed the 2,219 signature petition against excessive salaries. The lamentable Don Massey.


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