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Bonkers Blog February 2013

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1 February (Part 2) - What Victim Satisfaction?

More than three months ago I received abusive emails which were traced to the IP address of Parsons Brinckerhoff who might reasonably be described as councillor Peter Craske’s friends.

Victim CareAfter notifying the obscene blog investigators and getting nothing but empty promises I took the evidence to Bexleyheath police station on 5th November 2012. I expressed some optimism at the time that Bexleyheath police would not make a complete mess of the investigation as would appear to be their norm. How silly I was.

This morning I sent the following email. At least I hope I have, in typical Met. Police fashion the email address on the card is invalid and I had to send it to an alternative.

The above number was issued in response to a crime report made at Bexleyheath police station on 5th November 2012.

A few days later a phone call from DC Harris advised me that it might be as long as five or six weeks before you would be in a position to advise me further.

More than twelve weeks have since elapsed with no further response.

At a public police meeting I attended last Tuesday it was said that the Metropolitan Police has the worst Victim Satisfaction rate in the country and the Deputy Mayor for Policing said that victim support is very high among his priorities.

Would you please let me know the present situation regarding this complaint, why you have neglected to contact the victim for three months and why you feel that Bexleyheath police should ignore the Deputy Mayor's direction with impunity?

You may read what the Met. has to say about their ‘Commitment to victims of crime’ by clicking on the card image and revealing its reverse.


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