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Bonkers Blog December 2013

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20 December - Site note

Because the different web browsers do not react to every situation in the same way the code that runs Bonkers is sometimes compromised to permit all browsers to work adequately well. The differences between browsers is not constant and hopefully diminishing. As a result some of the compromises made in the past are no longer appropriate.

This has recently affected the menus and associated icons and extensive changes have been made over the past 24 hours to improve matters. During that time the menus etc. may have been misplaced or even unavailable. The situation is now relatively stable but may undergo further changes over the weekend. If a problem is apparent it may help to refresh the browser to get rid of any old instructions that may have been cached.

This may be an appropriate time to say that Internet Explorer 11 is extremely fussy about saving cookies which will prevent the style configuration (save text size choices) facilities from working. It can be managed but requires various settings to be changed. Easier to use a different browser but not Safari, that won’t display the menus at all!

P.S. Updated Safari and all is well.


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