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Bonkers Blog December 2013

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19 December (Part 1) - Better late than never

Bomb site TwitterTwo days after I mentioned that the ‘town centre’ of Lesnes ward is a rat infested tip and that the local Conservatives had done nothing for the area in the past four years, the party Tweeted that the old Harrow Inn site is to be boarded up. Click image for clearer picture. Coincidence or shame? Who knows.

Maybe the Harrow Inn would still be standing if business rates weren’t levied on empty properties - and you can’t blame the Tories for introducing that rule, relief was abolished in the 2007 budget. But maybe an empty pub would have attracted squatters.

Nobody came up with anything the local Conservatives may have done for Lesnes ward and except that they refer to Crossrail on their website, it’s no good looking for a list of achievements there. Presumably they weren’t very interested in that dangerously narrow footpath outside Bedonwell school either, they left that to a parent who has since decided to stand for UKIP. What Labour may have planned is unknown to me, they don’t seem to have a local web presence.


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