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Bonkers Blog December 2013

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17 December - Most messages have been spam recently

LesnesNo one has come up with anything that the Conservative administration might have done for Lesnes but I did receive an email regretting councillor Allon’s move to the ward from neighbouring Belvedere. The message said he has been very helpful, it is implied that it was more than once, and that he was the only source of help. I am pleased to pass that on and add that other than his, in my view, backing the wrong horse over the new ASDA, you will not find anything remotely negative about Kerry Allon on Bonkers. The fact that the council leader hasn’t offered him a safer seat than Lesnes suggests he is not one of her favourite people. Maybe he is the lone good guy, all the other northern sitting Conservatives have been transferred to safer seats according to the latest info published by Bexley Conservatives. There is still plenty of time for them to change their plans though.

For the past two weeks my Contact form has been the subject of spam attacks which are threatening to drown the genuine messages. For reasons I don’t understand, the anonymous facility only works if I bounce the mail through a third party webmail provider but when I closed my Hotmail account and opened a new one the first spam item came through no more than two minutes later. I’ve changed things so that the Hotmail address is only accessible from the Contact page, ordinary email direct to it is junked and I put a tell take mark on messages sent via the Contact form. I have concluded that someone has found a way of filling in the form in some sort of automated way. As a result the Contact form may be closed down over the holiday while I make more drastic changes.

A message that did get noticed among the spam was one which suggested that Bexley council doesn’t understand its responsibilities under the equalities legislation and that it has put this notice at the end of its current crime survey.
Crime survey
EqualitiesThe message says that the first four are all what I believe should be called ‘sexual orientation’ but transgender isn’t. It is no more relevant to sexual orientation than whether or not you have had your appendix removed and whilst it is not something I have thought much about previously there is a certain amount of logic to it. A transgendered person is going to be male or female and can be associated with any one of the first four conditions.

I thought I should look to see what the law said but failed to come up with anything definitive. However the Civil Service instructions to its departments say the questions should be as shown. Why Bexley council chooses to exceed its requirements and ask irrelevant and possibly illogical questions beats me. Incompetence I suppose.


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