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Bonkers Blog December 2013

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16 December - Cockeyed optimists

Harrow Inn siteAs you probably know, I live in the ‘poor’ end of the borough, Lesnes Abbey ward to be precise. There’s not a lot wrong with it, my neighbours are all good, Bexley’s only Zone 4 station is close at hand and Lesnes Abbey park is kept looking beautiful all year round. What’s not to like about the Lesnes area? I’d say it is the fact it has no heart; no centre and no shops to speak of. If it does have a centre, it’s a rat infested bomb site, the erstwhile Harrow Inn. Demolished about four years ago and Bexley council has refused every offer to redevelop it.

There is now a branch of ASDA a mile away which has helped bring a bit of life to the downtrodden north despite the best efforts of councillor Kerry Allon to have the plans rejected. He succeeded first time around! Now he plans to stand for election in Lesnes ward (previously Belvedere). It’s a brave move, all the local Tories have done a runner for 2014. Unsurprising, their majorities were as low as six in 2010 and they are going to struggle next time around.

Nothing very obvious has improved within the Lesnes ward since the Conservatives came to power. Parking has become more difficult and much more expensive and we now have a main road on which two buses have difficulty passing. That’s about it if you don’t count the silly eight inch high fence around the park which is supposed to keep motorcyclists out. At least it works against wheel chairs. If anyone can think of a single improvement in Lesnes ward since 2010 (or even 2006) for which Bexley council is directly responsible please tell me about it.

TwitterYou don’t usually see politicians around these parts, not even on polling day outside the polling station but if Twitter comments are to be believed both Conservative and Labour have been out in force canvassing. I suspect a degree of optimism has been employed, both claim support. Neither party has knocked on my door and I would have been happy to give the Tories a warm welcome too.

Probably the Labour candidate knows he doesn’t have to call, we‘ve spoken at council meetings so he will know my views already. His Tory counterparts Elizabeth Anderson and Keima Allen showed up once at the Civic Centre but only to crawl up cabinet members’ backsides with planted questions.

The only politician I have seen on my doorstep in the past eight years, it could be longer, is Chris Attard of UKIP.

Lesnes Conservatives. Lesnes Labour don’t seem to have a website.


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