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Bonkers Blog December 2013

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14 December - Teresa O’Neill. More proof of dishonesty

Jackie EvansIt’s six months since a member of the Tory party in Sidcup tipped me off that councillor Jackie Evans was seriously ill and was sadly unfit to do her job. Her attendances at council meetings had been reduced to the statutory minimum of once in six months and she last put in an appearance on 17th July.

Throughout this year Sidcup has been deprived of representation and the whole borough has had to pay for a councillor who because of her tragic illness has been unable to contribute anything.

If democracy was to be served an election should have been called months ago. Mick Barnbrook twice wrote to Teresa O’Neill about it and was twice refused an answer. As with too many things in Bexley, the root of the dishonesty, corruption, criminality or whatever can be laid at her door.

Untruthful reports to the police, protecting criminals in her midst, dodging the full declaration of members’ interests (Bexley has more dodgers than the rest of London combined), you name a political trick, Teresa will be at it. The Jackie Evans situation is just one more example.

The moment the clock ticked within six months of the next election Teresa O’Neill has given her approval for councillor Evans’ resignation. There can be no possibility of a by-election now. Poor Jackie should have been permitted to relinquish her position a long time ago. It would have been the humane thing to do but nothing can be allowed to get in the way of the great dictator.

I was criticised in some quarters for first alluding to this subject last June. Unkind, some thought. But surely not nearly as unkind as making councillor Evans jump through hoops to suit the leader’s political ends. No doubt everyone will wish Jackie Evans well.

Bexley council announcement.


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