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Bonkers Blog December 2013

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13 December (Part 2) - Josephine Robbins v London Borough of Bexley

Bexley ordered to payIn August 2012 Bexley council was ordered to pay Welling resident Josephine Robbins a great deal of money. The arrogance towards Mrs. Robbins shown by Bexley council was reported in the Evening Standard and the News Shopper. What the press don’t seem to have picked up is that Bexley council’s arrogance extended to appealing against Justice Edwards-Stuart’s ruling.

There is not much about it on the web because legal matters are too often restricted to the legal profession but you may wish to Google for ‘Josephine Robbins Bexley’ to see if you can do any better than I have. However I can tell you that a month ago Bexley council had their appeal thrown out by three judges sitting in the High Court. Bexley council are not very good at this sort of thing are they? I am reminded of how Rita Groootendorst made monkeys of Bexley council when she had their case against her kicked out in a Bromley courtroom.

I do not know how much this bad decision by Bexley council has cost us all but in the absence of a useful web link I offer the complete judgment for your perusal. I can’t tell you how I got hold of it and please accept my apologies for it being a less than web-friendly Microsoft Word document. (110KB.)

Note: Thanks to a reader from Welling, a PDF version is now available (201KB.)


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