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Bonkers Blog August 2013

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30 August (Part 2) - Labour stuck in a rut

Conservative leafletA reader who lives five or six minutes walk away from me asked if I had received the latest Conservative electoral leaflet. I said ‘No’ but thought it quite likely they would deliberately give me a miss. Meanwhile he sent a copy of his own with an annotation. Apologies for that, it wasn’t my idea and in any case I think I disagree, John Davey is quite good at putting his foot in it.

I asked a neighbour if he had received any election leaflets and he said ‘Yes’ and invited me inside to look for them. They were lying on a hall cabinet unread and were from Lesnes Labour. So the Conservatives may or may not be bypassing my address but Labour certainly is.

I’m not surprised, I never get local election stuff from Labour, General Election material via Royal Mail, yes, but nothing from local distributions.

Labour leafletProbably Labour gave up on me when I said something fairly extreme to a Labour councillor soliciting votes in, I think, 2004. The words swinging and lamp posts came into it somewhere. Instant banishment I suspect!

Having looked at the new Labour leaflet that I didn’t get, I can’t say I am impressed. Surely Labour claiming the moral high ground over the NHS is an old battle that has no need to be refought. Maybe there is some truth in their claim but I thought Queen Mary’s Sidcup was driven towards the buffers under a Labour Government, not Tory. I know their promises to save it proved worthless but each is as bad as the other.

Surely there is so much that Labour should be telling electors about what must be the most dishonest council South East London has ever seen. I think I know a website that has collated a lot of their wrong doing - or is Labour gearing up to run the same tired campaign and lose again? Probably.


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