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Bonkers Blog August 2013

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30 August (Part 1) - Excuses, excuses

Helicopter Helicopter HelicopterMy morning blogging session was interrupted by what I at first thought was an unsilenced lawnmower in an adjacent garden, but it turned out to be a helicopter right overhead. I watched it descend behind the trees of Lesnes Abbey park and followed it, camera in hand.

In the event the chopper was not required. An ambulance was outside a house in nearby Elstree Gardens and reports were that the police had blocked the road. I wasted an hour waiting for the chopper to take off again but the height of excitement was two medics and two flight crew drinking coffee.

A couple of children seemed to think it was the latest addition to the playground. The first photograph shows its situation, the early morning sun made photography in that direction difficult but the larger version provides a better view. For a closer look inside the cockpit, click here.

Normal blogging activity will restart in an hour or two.


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