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Bonkers Blog August 2013

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28 August (Part 2) - Disruption downgraded

The minutes of Cheryl Bacon’s Closed Session Public Realm meeting are now available on line. The report of disturbance doesn’t amount to very much given the number of words Mrs. Tyler took to explain that Cheryl did nothing wrong but six people were causing continuous disruption. Maybe the minute writer is not given to gross exaggeration or someone knows when to stop digging.


Message for Mr. Anon.

Sometimes an anonymous message requires a reply…

To the man or woman whose recent message about an old blog began “I doubt”; thank you for your advice and if you look back to the relevant date you will see a minor but I trust appropriate amendment.

Regarding your final short paragraph, I do in fact have the appropriate account but for reasons you will appreciate it would be totally inappropriate to make use of it. Shame!


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