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Bonkers Blog August 2013

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24 August (Part 1) - Do not believe in the NSL Good Fairy

My colleague Elwyn Bryant lives within a Controlled Parking Zone. Whilst attending to his own car parked on his own property he saw a Civil Enforcement Officer place a Penalty Charge Notice on a car windscreen, so he called out that it was 15 minutes past the end of the restricted hours. The CEO went to inspect a sign and seeing that Elwyn was correct returned to remove the PCN - and promptly destroyed it.

We have all read many times of CEOs who say that once a PCN is issued it cannot be withdrawn, an appeal is the only way forward. I have always assumed that this is an anti-bribery measure. Elwyn was inclined to believe this was a story with a good outcome. I would suggest that it is nothing of the sort.

My guess is that the data recorded on the CEO’s ticket machine will be processed as usual and the motorist will receive a surprise through the post over the coming days. He and Bexley council will then assume some vandal removed the PCN.


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