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Bonkers Blog August 2013

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23 August (Part 1) - Bexley council lies to the press again

Bacon NickEric Pickles is obviously disappointed by Bexley council’s continued refusal to allow its meetings to be recorded. For its sins Bexley is one of the six local councils ridiculed yesterday in a government press release. Mr. Pickles will need to act fast, Bexley council is due to review its protocols the week after next. If they think they can get away with it they will organise some sort of fudge, like getting their own staff to take photographs etc. and ban everyone else from doing so.

Both the Bexley Times and the News Shopper speedily picked up the latest development and once again Bexley council is quoted by both papers. “Our current process allows for filming.” This is an outrageous lie of the sort one has come to expect from Bexley council. They have never allowed any form of recording at any council meeting. They admitted that was the case following a recent Freedom of Information request.

DisruptiveIn the Bexley Times the council’s spokesman goes further and, referring to another FOI response, says that while only two meetings have been brought to a halt completely (both by recording attempts) others have been disrupted. Beyond requests to switch the microphones on and the occasional jeer from the audience there has been no disruption of council meetings in Bexley, if there had been they would have been reported here. Ironically, if the council allowed their meetings to be recorded we might know who was telling the truth, but the truth is rarely in Bexley council’s best interests.

Numbskull councillor Cheryl Bacon clearly didn’t engage her brain when she called the police and took her meeting into closed session when faced with Nicholas Dowling’s dictaphone.

The photograph is of the people Bexley council accuses of planning disruption to their meetings. As you can see, they are so rebellious and hell bent on destruction, that Bexley council is happy to vacate the council chamber and leave these gentlemen unsupervised to vandalise it. Bexley council’s only defence to its stupidity is non-stop lying.


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