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Bonkers Blog August 2013

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18 August - You just can’t get reliable staff

Traffic queuedNot even if you pay the Deputy Director of Public Realm Management, Mike Frizoni, £108,000 a year. (£94,698 salary + £9,469 premium + £4,455 car allowance + 20% of salary towards his pension.)

A reader drew my attention to one of Bexley council’s Public Notices issued last week. It looks ordinary enough but it is yet another nonsense from Mike Frizoni. Why is it a nonsense? Because Fen Grove is definitely not in Welling. It is south of the A2. It is even south of the A210 to Eltham. Another couple of hundred yards east and it would be in Eltham!

You’d think Bexley council would know where one of its roads was. Fen Grove as you might guess is in Blackfen, or Sidcup if you prefer - but there is absolutely no way it is in Welling.


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