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Bonkers Blog August 2013

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10 August (Part 1) - The Bexley Riviera

Erith beachAn anonymous email received this morning asked “Why have you got a picture of a beach in the header? There are no beaches in Bexley! You're slacking!”

I admit to a certain amount of slacking, there is not a lot going on at the moment but there is most definitely a beach of sorts in Bexley, or Erith to be more precise. Best looked at rather than walked on. If you look carefully the QEII Bridge at Dartford may be seen in the background of the photograph. (Click image to enlarge that part of view.)

The beach in question is easily viewed from Riverside Gardens, the public space which Teresa O’Neill wanted to sell off thereby depriving residents of their only access to the river bank. But don’t take a bucket and pitchfork to it.

Note: The banner photographs are changed periodically.


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