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Bonkers Blog August 2013

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8 August - Peculiar parking photos

Bexley Stables Slades Livery Vicarage Road Horse Transport

Except in Bexley’s council chamber, and maybe not always there, you can never get far from a camera these days. Whilst the quality sometimes falls well short of satisfactory there is no doubt that the mobile phone has given new life to street photography and some people like to see their work published.

Such photos, to be brutally honest, do not always make a story but on a slow news day in August maybe a collection will just about pass muster.

The first picture is of Bexley gestapo wagon KV12 KUX apparently broken down, maybe a flat battery. Next is a different CCTV car, number illegible even in the original, parked right alongside a bus stop. This stop in Maidstone Road has been featured before for being the only one in the borough where the bus stop and the associated road markings do not coincide. Councils earn money by causing confusion.

BatmanThe bus parked in the Disabled Bay on Wilton Road Abbey Wood at two minutes to nine on the 6th August rather takes the biscuit don’t you think? The bus terminal stop is all of 40 yards away but is evidently too far from the shops to walk from. It must be an offence and the wheels are right outside the bay too. A second offence.

Those three photographs are all from readers in recent days but the fourth is mine. Taken at 14:36 on 5th August in Fendyke Road, Belvedere it shows a car parked on a single yellow line with a Disabled Badge clearly on show on the dashboard. I didn’t think of taking a note of the number but fortunately the photograph was not taken on a mobile phone. If it is blown up enough I can see it is LV56 NMH. No idea what the driver is being fined for. Did the CEO? Will it matter to Bexley council or will the money go straight into their slush fund?

Some of the pictures sent in are not quite as useful. I have no idea who the figure in black is supposed to be or why it was sent.

I am told that yesterday’s photo was taken at the full council meeting on 17th July. It arrived by email from someone who doesn’t live in Bexley, more like 100 miles via the M25, but he felt strongly enough about Bexley council’s lies on TV, to make the journey specially.

As far as I know, allowing you to see a photograph of Bexley council in session has not caused its collapse.


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