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Bonkers Blog August 2013

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7 August - Colin Campbell’s claptrap

Bexley Times Council meetingThe Bexley Times is a little behind the times but they have today covered the subject of Bexley council taking their public meeting into private session when Nicholas Dowling asked if he could record it and didn’t put his recording machine away when refused permission.

Deputy leader Colin Campbell is still trying to convince everyone that filming is allowed so long as you ask first. Never once has Bexley council given permission for filming, they won't even allow a single still photograph to be taken by a council officer. Campbell may not think he is lying but he knows full well he is not telling the truth. His boss Teresa will be controlling his every move.

Campbell has given the Times a whole load of nonsense about “respecting the wishes of members of the public who do not wish to be photographed, filmed or recorded”. Nicholas was only planning an audio recording and at the meeting in question no members of the public are permitted to speak and in any case, every single one of the seven present were in favour of recording. Campbell’s case won’t convince anyone.

Read the Bexley Times report for the full story.


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