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Bonkers Blog August 2013

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1 August (Part 3) - History repeating itself

ConsultationThis website owes its existence in part because of Bexley council’s failed consultation on the narrowing of Abbey Road in 2009, although they did consult some who lived much further from it than I do. Presumably part of the cunning plan to get the required level of disinterest.

Now they claim to have consulted those who might be affected by the imminent closure of the Felixstowe Road car park which will become a storage site during the Crossrail works. Not around here they didn’t.

Even before the closure of Felixstow Road and the station car parks commuters are leaving their cars within 50 yards of my front door. It isn’t often a problem but there can be little doubt there will soon be a lot more of it.

Is Bexley council claiming it has listened to residents? Yes. Have all affected residents been allowed to make a comment? No, and that includes some who live within a stone’s throw of Felixstow Road.

Probably Bexley council is planning another Waitrose style Controlled Parking Zone stealth tax.


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