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Bonkers Blog April 2013

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24 April (Part 3) - Plodding

News Shopper Parsons Brinckerhoff vanJust a day after councillor Peter Craske’s last visit to Bexleyheath’s cop shop where he was apparently given the nod and a wink that his “situation had been resolved” I received two anonymous messages of a mildly obscene nature. The f word featured a couple of times but it was just a bit of nonsense really. Despite the anonymity, the owner of the Bonkers web server traced it to Parsons Brinckerhoff without much difficulty. And who the hell are they you may ask.

Parsons Brinckerhoff is a company closely associated with councillor Peter Craske. Funny that; so I let the police know about it in case it linked to their so called investigation into the obscene blog, widely believed to be the work of councillor Craske, which at the time the police insisted was still ongoing.

Bexleyheath police decided to investigate the two new messages as a separate crime. Since then they have from time to time let me know it had not been forgotten; then last Monday I received a different sort of call. They had traced the offending emails (†), just as I had done last October. What’s more they came up with the same answer. The messages were confirmed as originating at a company closely associated with Peter Craske. Just like we know the obscene blog went up Craske’s phone line. He is a very unlucky man to be the victim of so many circumstances.

So after nearly six months of tax payers’ money gurgling down the plug hole the police have proof that the web server logs pointing to Parsons Brinckerhoff I gave to them on 5th November 2012 were correct. Really impressive don’t you think?

I told the police again what I told them in the first place, that the two anonymous messages were only worth pursuing if there was a chance they would help convict councillor Peter Craske. That cannot happen now thanks to the corruption seen in 2011 and I suggested that it was not worth wasting any more money on the enquiry. The police were of the same opinion.

† Strictly speaking they were not emails, they were web generated forms which are much harder to trace than an email because they have no useful header. Except in this one case I never attempt to trace such ‘emails’ because it involves calling in too many favours from people who have better things to do.


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