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Bonkers Blog April 2013

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21 April (Part 1) - Crazy paving

Windsor Road Windsor RoadI live in a cul-de-sac which means hardly anybody passes by. The footpath outside my house doesn’t get used most days, not even by me, it should last for ever. Which is what a resident of Windsor Road thought about his quiet little backwater but Bexley council had other ideas. They came along and swapped the stones for asphalt as if it was the most worn out bit of paving in the borough - which it wasn’t.

One can only guess at the reason. It was an accounting fiddle over the last couple of days of the financial year? Someone with council connections lives there? The local crazy paving suppliers were running short of stock? No one knows.

Every property seems to have a dropped kerb but Bexley council still fails to acknowledge that vehicle rear wheels do not follow the same path as those at the front. None makes provision for that. The council was intransigent over alignment last year and are no better this. When renewing everything it costs no more to allow for geometry.


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