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Bonkers Blog April 2013

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18 April (Part 1) - Teresa O’Neill. Caught red handed

One thing you can be fairly sure about when monitoring the activities of Bexley council is that if there is any law breaking involved, Teresa O’Neill’s fingerprints will be found all over the crime scene. It was certainly the case when she took the decision to ignore the Data Protection Act and publish residents’ addresses on the council’s website. Unlike Bexley’s police who have encouraged council law breaking (pitchforks, dog faeces etc.) or buried it (homophobic obscenities) the Information Commissioner has come up trumps. This week the new Bexley council Constitution went back on line after a two month absence, itself another illegal act because it wasn’t available on paper either, and there is no longer any sign of the address publication requirement.

This is a copy of Teresa O’Neill’s two year old illegal instruction known as Appendix A…
Address publication required
(the agendas go on line of course) and this is the new version.

No addresses required

Are we witnessing a rare outbreak of straight dealing by Bexley council? Err, well, probably not. A deep seated underlying dishonest streak runs through everything Teresa O’Neill puts her grubby hands on. Delve a little deeper into their shenanigans and what do you find? Yes, another cover up.

The minutes of the April 2011 meeting which O’Neill chaired, which unanimously approved law breaking and resulted in many residents’ being put at risk through their addresses going on line are not what one might expect given the two year argument over addresses.

They say…

If that was truly the case how come the Bexley council’s senior officers right up to Chief Executive level have been dishing out excuses as to why residents must be put at personal risk? It wasn’t a Policy, it was a Protocol. It wasn’t a Protocol, it was a rule book issue. All of these officers have been compelled to prevaricate in the service of their esteemed leader. Now that the council has backtracked are they going to have to change two year’s worth of Full Council agendas which are on line, withdraw the dishonest letters sent by Nick Hollier, Paul Moore and Will Tuckley and expunge the memory of everyone who has read this blog?

I suspect the hand of Kevin Fox, Head of Committee Services, in this, the same man who fiddled the rules to get the 2,219 signature salaries petition thrown in the bin.

What’s the point of employing the legal eagle Akin Alabi as Monitoring Officer if he stands idly by ignoring the blatant illegalities (address publishing) that goes on under his nose?

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