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Bonkers Blog April 2013

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17 April (Part 1) - Scammers - of the doorstep and the parking variety

The repercussions of the doorstep scam referred to earlier contrived to keep me away from last night’s Cabinet meeting, but do not despair, I asked Nick Dowling to go in my place and his report will be along later. I need to tone it down a bit first as it would appear he has an even lower opinion of Bexley’s ruling mafia than I do.

A reader with a more analytical mind than mine and with, I assume, more legal knowledge, has alerted me to more problems with B&Q’s new parking rules than I had noticed. While I work on Nick’s cabinet report you may ponder his views. Maybe Hugh Neal will bump into his B&Q ‘friend’ again.

Vehicle Control Services Ltd does not own the land and therefore cannot offer any contract or impose penalties for parking on it. It would be like me charging you £100 for parking on my next door neighbour’s front lawn. It would be interesting to see them explain that in any court of law. Also, by failing to disclose the company registration number, full registered address and telephone number on their sign, they are committing an offence under section 82, Companies Act 2006. I noticed something about charging VAT, in that case, they would also need to display their VAT registration number on any charge they attempt to make.


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