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Bonkers Blog April 2013

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16 April - Nowhere near done yet, but you may be at B&Q

A correspondent reported that taking a bus over the newly cobbled section of the Broadway is not a pleasant experience but I have yet to test that myself. To my untrained eye, with more than half the allocated time gone, there seems to be an awful lot left to do to rid Bexleyheath of its traffic chaos - until the next lot when the Civic Centre site is redeveloped.
Broadway Broadway
Down in Belvedere however the new ASDA store seems to be coming on quite quickly. They have even changed the canopy to green, it was orange a month ago.
The adjacent B&Q, now a shadow of its former self and barely worth visiting, has got rid of their illegal car park notices and perhaps this blog can claim some credit for that. It’s a long story but reader Hugh Neal of Maggot Sandwich fame bumped into someone who had access to B&Q’s management team who promised to have a word. Unfortunately the new signs (below right) are just as confusing as the originals (below left).

They tell you that the Maximum Stay is three hours but nowhere do they tell you that those three hours may be free. It actually says that Charges Apply 24 Hours Per Day. “By parking on this private land you fully understand…”. A tall order in my opinion, I can guess what it means but why should I have to?

The notice is yet more proof that companies like Vehicle Control Services Ltd. have no real understanding of their responsibilities and must be run by a bunch of clowns. And as you will have guessed, it’s another slow news day but rejoice, there is a Cabinet meeting at the Civic Centre this evening.
B&Q parking B&Q parking
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