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Bonkers Blog April 2013

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9 April - Kept in the dark

Unlit roadThe picture is from the nearest point to my home on the B213 (Abbey Road). The pedestrian refuge has been unlit for months and the street lamp failed a few weeks ago, it rather nicely illustrates what Bexley council is all about.

When news is less that abundant I look through the emails that the Bexley Council Monitoring Group may have copied to me to see if they have discovered anything of interest. But they are not having a lot of luck I’m afraid; like anyone else who asks awkward questions, they are being stonewalled.

A three week old complaint to Bexley’s legal officer, Akin Alabi, that the council is failing in its statutory duty by not providing a Constitution for public scrutiny is still unanswered.

The Complaints Officer Suzanne Lloyd promised an answer to why Bexley council defies government instructions to publish a list of officers with salaries above £58,200 but has not done so. Bexley council has been dragging their feet on this one for eighteen months now, they even wrote to the Minister objecting to his aims.

A resident who submitted a question for the council meeting scheduled for 24th April just over two months ago is still waiting for an acknowledgement despite several reminders to Mr. Fox , the Head of Committee Services. Another resident who asked his question a week later is still in the dark too.

A resident has written to his councillor, the elusive Peter Craske, three times so far this year and not heard a word from him or anyone else. He asked me if I know anything of the old reprobate’s whereabouts. Frightening the horses at a race track I suspect as will anyone else who cares to Google ‘Peter Craske betting’ will know. His main occupation is depriving the poor, the gullible and the addicted of as much money as possible. Another Bexley councillor with public service uppermost in his mind.

Photograph taken 9 p.m. 8th April 2013.


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