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Bonkers Blog April 2013

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2 April - Just Bonkers

Not the best of holiday weekends for me. One family member mugged on her own doorstep and another with a written off car, but fortunately no life changing injuries, after being hit by an idiot coming round a blind bend at speed on the wrong side of the road claiming he had lost his steering! All three emergency services in attendance.

BonkersNot so exciting on the Bexley front. I always assume that most blog readers don’t confine their browsing to Bonkers and will therefore be well aware of everything even vaguely Bexley related, but for those who missed it, someone with too much time on their hands played silly devils with Google’s auto-complete feature. They typed in the names of all the London boroughs and put on record what Google suggested. Unsurprisingly, Google responded ’Bonkers’ to Bexley.

Unsurprising because for many months past if you’ve put the single word Bonkers into Google, Bexley-is-Bonkers shows up on the first page. After a handful of references to a song (?) by someone called Dizzee Rascal and the dictionary definition of the word, there on page 1 for all the world to see is the link to Bexley council’s shameful exploits. Well done Teresa, your ill judged decision to ask the police to exceed their authority - which they willingly did - appears to have backfired rather spectacularly. And thanks are also due to councillor Peter Craske for his invaluable contribution to the trashing of the London Borough of Bexley’s reputation worldwide.

There will be a council committee meeting tomorrow evening which I shall attend so this will serve as notice that Teresa O’Neill has less than 36 hours left in which to rig it, as a rather too voluble councillor admitted she always does.

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