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Bonkers Blog September 2012

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Houses of Parliament
Bexley Civic Centre

Reader BM sent in these statistics for use on a quiet news day and I think the Bonkers Birthday weekend may qualify as that. Initially I wasn’t at all sure I should put them on line, for whilst we may have one almost invisible local MP we also have two hard working and helpful ones. But some research caused me to change my mind. Here are BM’s stats…

29 MPs accused of spouse abuse.
7 arrested for fraud.
9 accused of writing bad cheques.
17 bankrupted at least two businesses.
3 have done time for assault.

71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit.
14 arrested on drug-related charges.
8 arrested for shoplifting.
21 are currently defendants in lawsuits.
84 arrested for drink driving in the last year.

You will be relieved to know it is a myth. A near identical story with the same numbers floats around in the USA about their Congress. It’s a good job I always check out stories that come my way.

Much more likely is that Bexley council’s record, with one tenth the number of representatives, might bear some similarity with those numbers divided by ten. Why else is Will Tuckley absolutely refusing to answer the Bexley Council Monitoring Group’s Freedom of Information request, “Is Bexley council aware of any councillor being the subject of a criminal investigation by the Metropolitan Police in the last 18 months. If so, how many?” or their enquiry, made long before last week’s News Shopper report, “Will you please let me know whether or not the person referred to [in the News Shopper] as a 42 year old from Sidcup has been arrested for misconduct in public office was councillor Peter Craske”.

Something to hide? You bet!

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