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Bonkers Blog October 2012

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16 October (Part 4) - Cabinet meeting tonight

You’ve probably noticed, I don’t like the council’s premier jobsworth Kevin Fox; the roadblock who says there are no rules to stop a photograph being taken before a public meeting but in practice he won’t allow it because it might cause a delay or someone might object. Not even a photograph of one of your friends is permissible. The last straw was his attempt to deny my use of a table last week; illegal. I wrote to him earlier today…

Kevin FoxIn my email of 2nd October I said it was likely I would not use the desk that must be provided for journalists and bloggers at public meetings, however that was before you tried to evict me from a desk a week ago. If you prefer hostilities to give and take I am happy to oblige. I shall require a desk at all meetings in future.

Despite your statement that protocols allow photography before meetings you denied Mr. Bryant permission to take such a photograph with the excuse of “given the potential for disruption and delay, particularly where those present are photographed or filmed without their consent”. Presumably therefore you will have no reason to deny him the opportunity if, for example, it is taken more than ten minutes before the meeting scheduled start time and the subject is only one of his associates?

There has been no reply and very soon I shall be on my way to the Civic Centre. Whether or not Kevin Fox continues to behave as the council cretin I hope to report tomorrow. As far as I am concerned the more he flies in the face of government requirements and guidance the better. All the more to hit him with. On the other hand, if you’ve heard nothing by mid morning you may assume that even Victor Olisa has become too friendly with Bexley’s criminal council.


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